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Past  Projects that have been completed over the past 20 years include but are not limited to the following:
  1. District of Sparwood
    District of Sparwood
    Michel Creek water main installation of 4000 lineal meters of new water main and services for existing Homes. 2012 Project Value $3,500,000
  2. Fort Steele
    Fort Steele
    Fort Steele Heritage Park, installation of new water main through entire park 2012 Project Value $620,000
  3. Kimberley Sun Mine
    Kimberley Sun Mine
    City of Kimberley Sun Mine Solar Project . Excavate and prepare pads for 98 solar towers 2014 Project Value $300,000
  4. Teck Coal
    Teck Coal
    Teck Coal Creek diversion Project. Installation of culverts for creek diversion 2011 Project Value $ 750,000
  5. Teck
    Gravel pit reclamation project 2004 Project Value $500,000
  6. Sportchek
    Dig foundation, grade parking lot and install services for new store in Cranbrook 2013 Project Value $280,000
  7. Canal Flats Subdivision
    Canal Flats Subdivision
    Removal of 150,000 cubic meters of earth and reshape land along the Colombia lake for future subdivision 2006 Project Value $2,500,000
  8. Cranbrook School district Project
    Cranbrook School district Project
    install new drainage system for water removal in soccer field. 2013 Project Value $130,000
  9. St Mary's Reserve
    St Mary's Reserve
    Installation of new watermain for reservoir 2014 Project Value $250,000
  10. Elizabeth lake project
    Elizabeth lake project
    Replacement of old culvert with larger diameter culvert to prevent future flooding of lake 2014 Project Value $80,000